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A community in transition to a low carbon, sustainable, resilient life.

Please put summaries and links to useful ideas and relevant information that will help develop our EDAP here. Not a place for general discussion :-)

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A summary of Richard Heinberg's thoughts on food and farming transition
In the leaflet we produce we could provide grant information for insulation to homeowners in Forest Row
Would like to direct part of the leaflet at children/teenagers - ie cartoons/family quizzes -
give away an energy saving lightbulb to every houshold -
publicly give energy saving lightbulbs to our highly illuminated dump? and hold a concert by the environment band Plane Crazy (?) under the new energy saving glare!- you know that band?
we could deliver an invitation to every household in Frow along with 1 lightbulb to an Energy Descent Exhibition at the Community Centre say 5pm - 11pm one week day - invite our MP to open - the childrens choir - an eco band - etc -
am really keen we reach ALL this community -
we use the entire space - open up the library wall -
I did research last year thru a company that could say whether we could use the water - hydroenergy to light the village - from old Brambletye mill - resevoir etc - they would charge thousands but would this be good use of the grant? to then enable raising of funds to do this? will see if I have the info to bring tonight -
we have the money for some light bulbs in our grant allowance - but would be good if someones starts to approach power companies etc to try to get more so we can indeed have equivalent of one per household.

I have posted the domestic insulation grants info up at the community centre - we had the WDC chap come visit the tFR energy group, all we really need to do is promote the one phone number that people can use to access a person to advise and help them. Bizarrely the parish office didn't seem to think that the info had come to her from Wealden DC direct.

re our food guide, I have it on the AOB at an EG town council environment committee meeting next week and am hoping to get some support from there (human input support I hope!) - we will aim to have it ready for March printing and distribution - fits our timescale well.
Overview outcome of first meeting of EDAP group last night (Lawrence, Charlene, Mike, self - Rowena, and Paul, apologies Angie, Annette) was to distribute inspiring, visually attractive document, launch with some kind of event (invite distributed via doc), and involve as much of community as possible.

Mike has the time line we worked up.

Plan at the moment is to ask each of the groups for:
What they have done to date
What they plan to do in immediate future/ near term
Long term (2025?) type vision of what FR could look like from their perspective to be illustrated pictorially

To supplement this we thought we would also, via the groups but as a 'united' effort, survey a couple of roads in the village to get some base line data on a few sustainable living questions - our efforts from last night were these but we hope the groups will come up with the 2 or 3 from each groups area to get around 10.

Draft Survey Questions

do you keep chickens? how many?
Do you grow vegetables in your garden? on an allotment? on a neighbours garden? elsewhere?
Do you have loft insulation?
Do you have cavity wall insulation?
Do you have a condensing boiler?
Do you measure your water/electricity/gas usage?
do you own a car/how many cars in the household? motorbike?
do you have a bicyle in working order? do you use it for lesure? work dail/weekly/monthly?
number of lighbulbs in the house - how many are low energy?
have you measured your carbon footprint?
local food...?

We would also supplement by interviewing some local people who run businesses/ schools/ organisations - along the lines of: What plans/ accounting had they done to date/ plan to do wrt carbon emissions, and also wrt finite resources/ possible price increases e.g. oil price susceptibility. Could then include some quotes from these/ possibly publish interviews online (too lengthy to put all in printed document)

Survey and interviews will help to raise awareness and widen the net of who is involved and who inputs into the EDAP.

Charlene is going to come up with an outline 'headings' document for this whole thing and we agreed that one of us needs to be at the next meeting for each of the groups to communicate this in person as, as ever, there is plenty to do in a relatively short time.

These are not full minutes as such but I have tried to record the salient bits as to what I think I am doing (I am taking to the food group this evening). It will doubtless form more in the working of it!

A very good interactive town with how the energy could be sourced by Greenpeace:

Climate Friendly Town
Energy Descent Plans... The story so far

There was an Open Space session at the Transition Cities Conference last week. The notes from it can be viewed here:

Cities EDAP Notes word document
Who We Are and What We Do

This document sets out what the Transition Network is and its approach.

Includes the 7 Principles of Transition and the Snapshot of the Transition Movement in 2011.

It includes this great quote:

“Humans are capable of a unique trick, creating realities by
first imagining them, by experiencing them in their minds.
...As soon as we sense the possibility of a more desirable
world, we begin behaving differently, as though that world is
starting to come into existence, as though, in our mind’s eye,
we are already there. The dream becomes an invisible force
which pulls us forward. By this process it begins to come true.
The act of imagining somehow makes it real...
And what is possible in art becomes thinkable in life”.
Brian Eno


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